1. Latest Portrait - Mabel theTerrier , Oil on Canvas

    Latest Portrait - Mabel the Terrier.It was lovely to paint the characterful and gorgeous Mabel, but also sad as the commissioner had to say goodbye to her recently. Its always hard painting dogs after they have gone, really makes me determined to try and capture their essence and create something permanent that will always be around.
    I have to add what the commissioner said about Mabel as I thought it conjured up the character beautifully - “She was a little toad, snappy, stubborn, full of character  and incredibly funny”.
    So here’s to you Mabel, thank you for being a delight to paint.
    Oil on canvas 10x10in, background olive green.

  2. Latest Dog painting - Two labradors, with work in progress image

    Latest Dog painting - Two labradors, Tosca & AidaI was quite literally staring into the mouths of these two lab girls, as you can see from the size of my head compared to theirs! but its a pleasure to paint such happy dogs. 
    I’ve shown a work in progress shot from early on in the painting, as you can see I always block the colouring in really quickly, trying to cover the canvas so I can get a sense of life appearing in the picture, I always want to get the eyes in early on, so I can make that connection with the dog. Its a great feeling as you sense the portrait coming to life! I think I even start talking to them!! then its a case of building up the layers, tweaking bits etc.
    Background is a stone colour and reference shots were supplied by the owner, oil on canvas 85x120cm
    A big thank you to the very gorgeous lab models Tosca and Aida and I hope they enjoy having their portrait.

  3. "Jumping Jack" - New Charcoal Drawing

    "Jumping Jack" - New Charcoal Drawing
    A little while ago I did a very similar drawing in pencil - I wanted to try it in a different medium, and here is the charcoal version. Its a simple, loose sketch of a Jack Russell Terrier leaping for a ball, but I hope it shows the passion, determination and focus of the breed on the ultimate…..ball!
    And its also a little homage to the Olympics, after a month of running, leaping and reaching unattainable heights - well Jack Russells do it all the time!!

    Signed art prints also available. 8”x11”

  4. New Charcoal Dog Drawing - Doberman on canvas

    New Charcoal Dog Drawing - Heidi the Doberman
    I rely on many things throughout the day, laptop, digital camera, most things by email, lots of machines! So its very refreshing when I get to pick up those simple, burnt little black charcoal sticks, heave a big sigh of relief and get on with a drawing.

    On to the model, this is the very beautiful Heidi, a gentle loveable soul. I wanted the presence of a gallery style painting, and the look of a loose charcoal, so this drawing is actually on fine canvas, 16x20in stretched on a  box frame and sealed. I hope it gives a clean, simple look contrasting with the black marks, and shows Heidi in an off-centre contemporary pose.

  5. Latest news from Paint My Dog!

    Paint My Dog News!Its a real treat when you find a kindred spirit. So it has been fantastic to be the current Featured Artist at the Dogs In Art Gallery in Stockbridge UK. They have a fantastic gallery space filled with drawings, sculptures and paintings of dogs. I thought I was perhaps a little crazy 10 years ago when I obstinately decided to paint dogs,  I often got comments of “do you only paint dogs”, so its fantastic to have a gallery that is also dedicated to the dog, and know I’m not so mad after all!

    The curator has a talent for seeking out the unusual - take a look at the cardboard bulldog below!
    Have a look at my featured artist page there - http://www.dogsinart.com/featured-artist/
    and you can get updated of new artists via http://www.facebook.com/#!/dogsinart

  6. Latest portrait - Charcoal of Butch the Schnauzer

    Latest portrait - Charcoal of Butch the Schnauzer
    This is Butch - a standard Schnauzer from London. He is a handsome gent, and goes in for the more natural haircut rather than following the standard clip that is generally seen with the schnauzers.
    As I hope you can see, I love drawing the hair of this breed, and charcoal is a good medium to get across the strong characterful look and unruly hair!

    Charcoal on paper, image size approx 10x12in.

  7. Latest dog portrait - A painted lab

    Latest dog portrait - the black labradorAnother girl! This is Millie, a very lovely black lab. She has rather refined features, and is a beautifully sensitive, gentle girl, but of course with all the excited wigglyness of being a black lab!
    The painting is cropped to show her cheeky look, and mesmerising eyes.
     Oil on canvas 12x12in on a pale blue. I love working with paint charts to match particular colours and in this case the oil paint is mixed to match to “light blue” Farrow and Ball.

  8. Latest Dog portrait - painting of the English Pointer

    Latest Dog portrait -  the English PointerOnce again playing catch up with the latest portraits, but I’ve put down the brushes for the day and thought an update was long overdue! …and it’s not really dog walking weather right now!
    This is the very beautiful and very aptly named Grace, and her painting.  A painting of a black and white English Pointer on a delicate grey background. Oil on canvas 12x12in (30x30cm)
    The painting, I hope has a calm sedate feel, Grace is a very gentle girl, with delicate features, and the grey gives a monochrome feel with just the colour from her eyes giving the warm tone. I’ve also added a close up to show how I work and the marks that go toward a finished painting. I’ve also shown the original photo I worked from, supplied by Grace’s owner, it needed very little changing as the photo captured Grace’s character beautifully.

    For more English Pointers visit the gallery page - http://www.paintmydog.co.uk/dog_portraits_pointers.html

  9. Latest Portrait - Mad March - The anonymous hare

    Latest Portrait - “Glimpse” The anonymous hare.
    When I paint dogs, the photos generally show the trust in the dog’s eyes, looking adoringly at their owner.
    This was a very different experience when painting this hare, scared and very dubious about human presence.
    Vulnerability, alertness and focus, as the viewer you are very much an intruder on this hare’s territory, a spy.
    The title of this painting is “Glimpse”. This painting process is therefore quite a paradox, a chance photo, and then a lengthy observation from the photo during painting. I wanted to give this hare a character and show his (or her, I’ll never know!) determination for survival.

    The size of this oil on canvas painting is quite large at 20x20in, and adds to this innocuous hare having a more monumental status.
    Whilst this hare won’t be sneaking into my online dog gallery, I don’t think the dogs would like it., Ltd Ed prints are available 10”x10” image size .
    This hare portrait is now looking out of a gallery window, and hopefully the model is off enjoying the British countryside!

    Have a Mad March!

  10. Latest Dog Portrait - Parsons Jack Russell

    Latest Dog Painting by PaintMyDog

    This is Billy, a gentleman Jack Russell. He is standing very resolutely, and a sense of his life experience and his character. He is a Parsons Jack Russell with a wiry coat, mostly white with a few faint freckles. This painting is a little different to many in the fact that the background has more texture and and I wanted  this to reflect his coat. In amongst a textured lively background, Billy stands firm, and you just get the feeling he is a very much loved dog.

    Oil on gallery style canvas 12x12in.View more portraits in the gallery http://www.paintmydog.co.uk/gallery_pet_portraits.htm